12th Apr 2013

K – Kilograms vs. pounds … or while vs. whilst. How authentic should we be?

Did you ever watch the movie How to Train a Dragon? It’s actually one of my favorite movies. BUT! I have a big problem in how it was ‘cast’. Cast?...

10th Apr 2013
After Dark by Emi Gayle (which is me!!)

I – means first person perspective

Ever read a book, open the pages and feel like the narrator is telling you HIS or HER story? That’s the first person perspective in writing. If you open a...

06th Apr 2013

F is for … well what other than the F word? How many are we offending by using it?

F is for … well what other than the F word? Yes, yes, I’m talking about that word. That word. And since we’re talking about YA novels, let’s talk about...

05th Apr 2013

E is for the Elephant in the room

You’ve heard the expression “the elephant in the room, right?” According to Wikipedia, this means: “Elephant in the room” is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is...

03rd Apr 2013
Young Adult movie with Charlize Theron

The letter C – Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you should. Right?

Right? Isn’t that the old saying? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Examples in young adult literature: – drugs – swearing – sex – violence One could argue...

02nd Apr 2013
Mean Girls Movie Poster from Wikipedia

The letter B – brought to you by backstabbing b**ches … are they real and necessary in YA books?

So as I said, this is post #2 in the A to Z Challenge. This one though, is more a philosophical question about young adult books. I know there’s been...