Delta Street (Book II)

Delta Street by Emi Gayle

Delta Street
Revolution Series (Book II)
by Emi Gayle
Release Date: May 1, 2017
Target Reader: New Adult/Young Adult
Keywords: young adult, 2132, pawn, Dystopian, New Adult, bucket list, believe, citizens, national registration program, future, candidates, Revolution, oblivious, adult-classification, American Union, history

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937744-60-1
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-937744-61-8
Kindle ASIN: B071KZ3FB7

Just how much can a girl take before she cracks? Eighteen year old Anna Keating is about to find out.

In just one week, Anna learned her country isn’t the safe haven she always thought, that lies built her adolescence, and her destiny is no longer pre-determined. In fact, thanks to Zane Warren, Anna has no future—at least not in the normal sense for a new adult in the American Union.

Even worse, and with no thanks to Zane, Anna’s on a mission she doesn’t understand, one Zane set it in motion and made her promise to follow through with—no matter what. He means it, too. Under no circumstance is Anna to stay in the A.U.

Getting to the United States, though, isn’t the cakewalk Zane described. To make it there at all, Anna will have to rely on gut instinct, determination and the belief that once she’s through the wall, everything will be better. That may be impossible to do since she doesn’t believe it.

Of course, she could go rogue and defy Zane’s order, but if she does, she knows she’ll break his heart. More than that, she’ll crush his soul.

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Chapter 1

“Sixty miles from the District center,” Zane says, after a big stretch of nothing but the transpo’s own noise rumbling along the pathway. Only the dark outside has connected us—our own silence a growing oppression.

“Three hours to spare, too.” June’s voice is somber, a hint of please take me with you still lingering though he wouldn’t directly beg. “Plenty of time to get you back, so you and Anna can go to the—”

The brakes of the transpo screech, and my head slams back against a solid surface, hard enough to send flashing lights through my brain.

Screams fill the cabin—mine, Zane’s, June’s. I think. I don’t know. Reaching for something to grab, I try to lift my head, but I’m tossed right, my hair swinging out and whipping my cheek as I flip around once.


Three times.

Landing hard. With a jolt. A crash.

A creaking song plays through my mind.

The night’s silence breaks through once again.