F is for … well what other than the F word? How many are we offending by using it?

F is for … well what other than the F word?

Yes, yes, I’m talking about that word. That word.

And since we’re talking about YA novels, let’s talk about that word.

Appropriate or not? Real or not?

I have to say, as a teen, I never used that word. Ever. Seriously. It’s like a word I thought was so bad I should never, ever, ever say or use or even think. I never even read books with it in there. Call me a prude if you want, but that word just didn’t work for me.

Now, though, it seems that that word is more than acceptable. Almost … like it’s expected.

Why? Have we sunk so low that we need to swear that drastically in books for younger readers?

Now, that’s me as a younger reader and I wonder … it offended me then, but it doesn’t now. Probably because I’m an adult, but I wonder, with the use of that word, how many younger readers are we offending without even realizing it?

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