My love story …

Want to read my embarrassing moment (at 14 years old) in meeting my now husband (of 18 years)? Here’s your chance! Enjoy!

Each part is only about 500 words (so pretty quick). I hope you enjoy!

Part I

I Pick Him
As the only girl in a group of eleven guys, a lot of eyes turned my way. The oboe doesn’t play in a marching band, so I’d conceded to a type of piano — in the form of a xylophone. My choice gave me, a dark-haired, brown-eyed, girl of average build, a position of uniqueness as the only female member of the band’s percussion section.

I certainly hadn’t planned to be the lone figure on the fringe with nowhere to hide. [snip]

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Part II

At my whispered announcement into my friends’ ears hours later, they started the second phase of their ‘just pick a guy’ plan.

“Just go say ‘hi’,” became their new chorus.

I shook my head at them every time they suggested it. Hadn’t I already done enough? Hadn’t they said they’d do the next part?
Desire warred with preservation of self. He may have caught me, but that didn’t mean he had any interest. [snip]

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Part III

I hung my head as a wave of remorse and embarrassment sent super-heated shivers down my spine. I hadn’t put one bit of thought into my actions, just walked to him with one goal: make my friends stop.

The group didn’t say a word when I rejoined them, but each one smiled in turn. What did they know that I didn’t? I mentally pounded my head with my fists. I didn’t want to look any more insane than I already did.

I’m an invisible wall flower, I wanted to say. I don’t just walk up to boys and talk to them. [snip]

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And for the epilogue … that I leave with here: My Teenage Love Story Epilogue