The letter B – brought to you by backstabbing b**ches … are they real and necessary in YA books?

So as I said, this is post #2 in the A to Z Challenge. A To Z Challenge

This one though, is more a philosophical question about young adult books. I know there’s been tons of talk about sex in YA novels, but I’m asking about those girls that are simply, nothing more, than mean.

Mean Girls Movie Poster from Wikipedia
Mean Girls Movie Poster from Wikipedia
Do people really exist like this? For example, I personally think the incidences of a love triangle (where one person loves two people and has to choose) is a full falsehood. Then, the change of 2 people loving one person is far MORE realistic, but still, HOW many of these have every actually ‘been’?

So then we switch to things like … is the backstabbing cheerleader who’s blonde and blue-eyed, the head of the team and the valedictorian … real?

I remember the cheerleaders in high school and I gotta say, they were both nice AND incredibly smart. Has something changed in 20 years? Really? Because fundamentally, it seems people are mostly the same.

So what type of person is really more fiction than fact? I’m tending to believe that the stereotypical ‘mean’ girl, aka the blonde bimbo, aka the backstabbing beotch, is in fact … less real than we think.

How about you? What do you think?

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