My writing process … what’s yours?

As NaNoWriMo looms, you’ve already seen what my story will be about … but how did I come up with it? How will I write it? Those are questions that come up in every writer’s life and are asked by those wanting to write.

Some plot. Some prod themselves to finish. Some live by their muse. Others outline every last scene, then write.

For me? That little synopsis in my prior post is as far as I’ll get before I jump in with both feet … or rather all ten fingers and begin writing.

Actually, for me, that little synopsis is more than I usually come up with.

My usual ingredients for writing a story are:
o A character name (usually female)
o A character paranormal element
o A What if statement (What if character ‘x’ could do action ‘y’ …)
o A book title.

Oh yeah, I gotta have a book title. Just can’t write without a book title. Might sound stupid to some, but that’s my way and we all have our quirks, right?

So why did I create a mini-early-synopsis for First Kiss(es)? Because my muse (see? I listen to her too) came up with it. My muse dictates the path of my writing.

That synopsis, by the time all is said and done, could be as relevant as putting up Halloween decorations in April: pointless. 🙂

In this case, my muse called to me … said ‘write this’ … so I did. I’ve only done that with ONE other story and that story I wrote in 21 days (see Do Over stuff at Aimee Laine) and am just now putting 4th draft edits into.

When it comes to the start of the race … from word one to word 50k or 80k or 100k … I let my muse guide me and let the story flow from my fingertips. No outlines. No plans. No detailed this, then this, then this … just my character, her interesting tidbit, a conflict and my fingers.

Together, we will create magic.

What’s your writing process?