1st, 2nd or 3rd? Nov 1, 2010 = 1st

No, that wasn’t hard math. 🙂 That was me, saying, which ‘person’ shall I write in? Well … most (not all, but most) Young Adult (YA) novels are written in the 1st person (that means that the narrator can say ‘I’ or ‘Me’). As Aimee Laine, I write in the 3rd person (which means the narrator refers to herself/himself as ‘she’ or ‘he’.

In adding to my writing focus, I have decided to jump to 1st person for my YA stories and today marks the start of just that challenge. Can I do it? Boy I hope so.

I don’t write in 1st person as a general rule because I like to ‘head hop’. What that means is that I like to give perspectives in the story that are more than just one character.

When writing 1st person the writer must stay within the narrator’s voice/head for the duration of the story. Ok, there are exceptions to the rule, but well … they are few and far between.

The benefit of this style of writing is that the writer gets really deep into the perspective and point of view of that one character. It can be a truly deep and emotional connection to the main character (and the others, but since the thoughts come from the main character, that’s where they get deep).

I’m looking forward to this challenge, as First Kiss(es) will be YA and will be written in 1st person.

And I’m starting today … as part of NaNoWriMo. Follow my progress until my other name (Aimee Laine) as I strive to hit 50,000 words, in 1st person for the Young Adult market, by the end of November.

Think I can?

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