Novel Synopsis: First Kiss(es)

This is a quick peek into my mind in the planning and preparation for writing First Kiss(es) which will begin on the dot, November 1, 2010 and end November 30, 2010 during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in which I am participating as my other me, writing for this me. (Did ya understand that?) 8)

Early synopsis for First Kiss(es) by Emi J. Gayle

Grianne — aka Ree — always wondered what it would be like to be another person. She’s asked herself the question throughout her 17 years … why am I who I am? The good girl, Ree, excels in all her activities, has a bevy of friends and even more acquaintances, but she’s never been satisfied in her own body. She’ll sit for hours, staring at herself wishing she understood why she’d been born in her body, with her mind and her thoughts.

That is, until the day she imagines herself as the head cheerleader who sits in front of her in English class and Ree all the sudden finds herself inside that girl’s mind.

She investigates head-hopping and finds it’s a part of mythology — something only the gods were supposed to be able to do.

Ree, though wants to know more, so she practices until she’s confident enough to do it regularly, without physical consequences and without leaving a trace of herself behind. She jumps from person to person to learn about them, with no malice intended but when she bumps into Eric’s head, unintended consequences begin.

Ree’s gift is something Eric knows about — so too do a few scientists and government factions and if what she can do gets out, she’ll have more to deal with than just her parent’s wrath at her mundane version of mischievous deeds.

In the meantime, Ree uses her gift to experience some of the elements of life she’s kept herself away from, including finding love, which at 17, her parents suggest can only be a figment of her imagination. For Ree, her imagination is what pushes her from naive to innocent, from innocent to experienced even though she’s not done any of what she’s experienced, including a first kiss.

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