05th Jun 2013
Moonlit by Jadie Jones

MOONLIT author Jadie Jones was an athletic geek. Is that even possible? Come see!

Welcome, Jadie Jones, author of Moonlit! Let’s ask her some telling questions about her teenager years, shall we? Nerd? Geek? Jock? Snob? I was an athletic geek 🙂 I was...

11th May 2013
Storm Bottle

There’s at least one thing Storm Bottle author Nick Green will never, ever, ever do again …

There was no benefit to sneaking out where Nick Green lived, as the only things within walking distance were fields and a playground. But one night he did go out...

10th Apr 2013
After Dark by Emi Gayle (which is me!!)

I – means first person perspective

Ever read a book, open the pages and feel like the narrator is telling you HIS or HER story? That’s the first person perspective in writing. If you open a...

25th Feb 2013
TIED by Laney McMann

If you saw it, would you read it? TIED by Laney McMann #ReadOrNot

About the front: Oooh. So there’s something hot and burning up there and it’s bleeding into the title. And there’s a boy(?), man(?), person (who knows given the Gargoyle in...

25th Feb 2013
The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back

Just *how* many siblings did Sariah Wilson, author of The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back, have? Answer inside!

Today we have Sariah Wilson, author of The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back. When I first saw the title, I thought, Cinderella is going to get her true chance to fight,...

07th Feb 2013

Romance is in the Air – Isn’t it? I mean it is close to Valentine’s Day!

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer” and Rachael Anderson for hosting this awesome hop! Since this is romance, and romance can mean different things...

04th Feb 2013
Day After Book Trailer! Dude! Winn’s got a lot to live up to. Don’t you think?

Day After Book Trailer! Dude! Winn’s got a lot to live up to. Don’t you think?

Watch … worry … wonder … then in May .. READ! What do you think?

16th Jan 2013
Time's Twisted Arrow

There was a very tempting target at Rysa Walker’s prom. Do you know who it was? I do! See inside!

What was it like to be a teenage Rysa Walker? Oh … I know. Check it out below and you’ll know, too! My other car was a ________________ My first...

08th Jan 2013
Day After by Emi Gayle - Book!

It’s here! The first 500 words of Day After (Book 2 in the 19th Year) are here!

Just to remind you what Winn looks like … And now on to the excerpt! Sitting in front of the twelve most powerful non-humans on the earth would have shaken...

19th Dec 2012
V is for Virgin by Kelly Oram

What was it like to be a teenage Kelly Oram, author of ‘V is for Virgin’?

Welcome Kelly Oram, author of V is for Virgin! She’s subjected herself to my crazy teenage years interview, which, as you know, are years many of us want to forget...

14th Dec 2012

Day After is coming (and no not the day after the Mayan calendar ends … my book!) Would you like a signed cover?

Anyone who comments can have a digitally signed copy of the cover below, and one lucky winner will receive a print copy of this bad boy. uh … oh wait...

07th Dec 2012
Big, Massive, Thank you, post!

Big, Massive, Thank you, post!

Over the last 30+ days, I’ve had tons of awesome help from some amazing, friendly, kind and wonderful bloggers in the blogosphere. I can’t say enough about these folks and...

20th Nov 2012
Day After by Emi Gayle - Book!

Oooh, Goodies! Book 2 goodies! Day After hotness in Winn! Check it out!

All these awesome goodies! Grab one and share around the web! 🙂 Can’t wait to share Day After and Winn with you next May! This is book 2 behind After...

31st Oct 2012
After Dark by Emi Gayle (which is me!!)

It’s RELEASE DAY!!! After Dark is here! SQUEE!

It’s here! This is the day! I have waited SOO long to share this book with YOU! What’s it all about? Well, let me tell you … What eighteen year...

07th Apr 2011
#yalit on Twitter

#yalit on Twitter

I apologize for my lack of blogging. It’s not that I haven’t been working, in fact, my other me has been busy dealing with book release, launch and marketing ‘stuff’...