There’s at least one thing Storm Bottle author Nick Green will never, ever, ever do again …

There’s at least one thing Storm Bottle author Nick Green will never, ever, ever do again …

There was no benefit to sneaking out where Nick Green lived, as the only things within walking distance were fields and a playground. But one night he did go out to investigate a blood-curdling cry, like a monstrous caterwaul. Rumour had it that one of the legendary Big Black Cats (supposedly pumas or black leopards) had been sighted in the area, so (being an idiot) he ventured outside, cricket bat in hand (he doesn’t play baseball). He never found the source of the cry. Later someone told him that it was probably mating foxes. If so, then he’s glad he’s not a fox. Nick Green author of The Storm Bottle

Remember …. in band camp …?
throwing a ninja shuriken belonging to the second oboeist into the door of the music studio repeatedly.

If I could do it all again, I would …
Try to be cool enough to join the Dungeons and Dragons club. Yes, it was that bad.

If that doesn’t get you interested in this brand new author, check him out at all these other places:

Nothing’s better than being on the _________ team
Nothing’s better than being on the steam if you have a miserable head cold.
(By the way I’m British so I may not be interpreting these questions all correctly).

Go ____________!
Spotted fire-breathing goats.

At my school we didn’t have a mascot as such, but we had our own coat of arms (told you I was British) which featured as its supporting animals two rampant, spotted goats breathing fire. There’s a very good reason for this choice, and it is… not known to me.

My other car was a ________________

Some of my friends at school had cars already – I didn’t. I was so envious of the second oboeist Gary, at least until he drove into the back of his French teacher’s car when trying to leave the school grounds.

There was a hot teacher … her/his name was …
Well I never paid her much attention, but apparently Miss Rossendale (Geography) was the one you were meant to fancy. I do recall one incident in class, in which Miss Rossendale was trying to explain a complex graph that featured several rising arcs in the line, like hills. Up goes Ashley’s hand: ‘But Miss, I don’t understand what those big lumps are for. I don’t see why you have them.’

Now, before we get to the last question, let’s look at Nicks’ book …
Storm Bottle

They say that swimming with dolphins is the number one thing to do before you die.
For 12-year-old Michael, it very nearly is. A secret boat trip has gone tragically wrong, and now he lies unconscious in hospital.
But when Michael finally wakes up, he seems different. His step-sister Bibi is soon convinced that he is not who he appears to be. Meanwhile, in the ocean beyond Bermuda’s reefs, a group of bottlenose dolphins are astonished to discover a stranger in their midst – a boy lost and desperate to return home.

Bermuda is a place of mysteries. Some believe its seas are enchanted, and the sun-drenched islands conceal a darker past, haunted with tales of lost ships. Now Bibi and Michael are finding themselves in the most extraordinary tale of all.

Favorite one-line review about the book

“Do you understand how much I loved this?”

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

There’s a foolproof way to tell if you’re dreaming or awake. All you need to do is find something to read. It could be a magazine, a postcard, anything. Now, read a few lines and look away. When you look again, the words should be the same, if you’re awake. But if you’re asleep and dreaming, they will have changed.

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But before you go, one (or two!) last questions …

Nerd? Geek? Jock? Snob?
Geek. Mainly a music geek. At the time I played a lot of instruments and also sang. But it gave me almost no time for any other extracurricular activities. And I do mean ANY.

I will never, ever, ever do ____________________ again.
Drink as much as I did at my first party at university. I wanted to find out what it’s like to be totally drunk. It is surprisingly horrendous.

Congratulations, Nick! Good luck with The Storm Bottle!

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