Letter M: Mary or Melkizadek? Let’s discuss crazy names in YA fiction (with S.M. Boyce)

Letter M: Mary or Melkizadek? Let’s discuss crazy names in YA fiction (with S.M. Boyce)

Hey guys! I’m S. M. Boyce (call me Boyce)—fantasy author of the young adult Grimoire Saga. I’ve been invited over to chat about unique names in novels, particularly young adult. This is an open discussion, so I definitely want to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.Litchgates by S.M. Boyce

This is actually a great topic, and I’m really excited to talk about it—primarily because this is a lesson I learned the hard way, and I’d like to share my mistakes so future authors don’t make them.

Names are crucial to a book’s narrative, and not only for obvious reasons. If too many characters have names that start with the same letter, it’s easy for the reader to subconsciously mix them up. Even names that sound unique can get confused, like Amber and Aubrey. If they’re both side characters who you see only on occasion, it’s easy to forget which one is which.

That’s just one of many reasons why it’s important to give characters unique names, including names that each start with different letters and names that have different syntax as well. As an example, Brian and Aidan might be too similar for a reader to differentiate just because they rhyme.

On the other hand, names that are hard to pronounce ride the fence. You typically see this in fantasy novels that involve a new world, and it’s only natural for the world’s culture to have different naming conventions than we’re used to. The other edge of the sword is that over-using these difficult names can really hurt the author in the end. Think about it: if a reader is constantly trying to sort through piles of new names they’ve never heard of before, it can get annoying. I personally like to see these names in the narrative, since it leads to verisimilitude (realism) when it comes to the books’ world building, but only in small doses.

I know this firsthand. I’ve been working on The Grimoire Saga for nearly eight years now, and it’s my debut series. As much as I love where it’s going, it’s only natural that I made mistakes. And I think the mistake that irks me the most is the naming convention of my side characters.

The Grimoire Saga has a big cast, and it takes place in another world—a world where names are a little weirder. Because of that, I have several characters that have the same first letter in their names, and others that rhyme with each other. A few others are hard to pronounce by necessity, so I created an online encyclopedia with pronunciations of the more complicated names.

Will breaking these rules ruin your chances of a successful book? No. Content is king, and your book will succeed even if it has some weird names. But thinking about how the names will affect your readers will make your readers’ lives a little easier, and they’ll probably enjoy your novel more.

So how about it? What are your thoughts on naming characters?

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