L – Live and Learn, because what teenager really knows everything?

Today’s A to Z challenge is brought to you by the letter L!

One of my favorite things about writing for the younger crowd is that I sometimes have to relearn a topic. I know because I’m ‘old’ but my teenage characters would have experienced life my way or to the extent I have. My characters don’t know what it’s really like to have a baby, or date for six years or buy a house or fix a car or have a 9-5 job without recess.

I know as a teenager the excuse that was often made when I was stubborn enough to try and argue with my parents is that ‘well I’m a teen … I think I know everything.” It was true … I did seem to think I knew all … knew better.

Of course, hindsight is twenty-twenty and as a mom of a teen, I see a little of the same — at time, but not always.

So the beauty of YA books is that the characters really do have something to learn.


No matter the genre, whether the character has supernatural powers or not, they have something to learn about life.

That is what’s so cool. We get to see the characters grow … but also grow up.

How about you? What do you think about the live and learn lessons in YA books?

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