Ever been a ‘little in love’ with a book character who’s NOT the main character??

Ever been a ‘little in love’ with a book character who’s NOT the main character??

There’s a guard on Liam’s team named Cas that I’m … well … a little in love with. Yeah. I’ve said it. There’s just something about him that makes me go all gooey inside. I’ve been wanting to talk to him ever since I read The Glass Man, and today, I get to!

Shadowborn by Jocelyn Adams
Shadowborn by Jocelyn Adams

As I sit here, waiting for him to enter the garden where we’ll meet, I’m wondering just what Brígh (his seeming girlfriend person) might know about the conversation we’re about to have (’cause she’s special that way).

I’m just going to sit here, though … and wait … on my cushy pink pillow with my box of thank you chocolates for the person I’m just dying to meet. Wonder if Brígh will tell him where I’m hiding.

His footsteps approach, and he’s humming. There’s no shuffling of foliage as if he’s looking for me, he’s just … coming. Straight at me. Which is totally freaky.

SHe must have spilled the beans.

He steps around a bush with pink feathered foliage, the handle of a golden sword sticking up through deep purple hair falling loose around his broad shoulders. A bright grin stretches his lips wide, and those ice blue fae eyes sparkle with boyish charm. “Nice try, Ms. Gayle, but you can’t fool me.”

Dang. Not only did he show up on time, as gorgeous as ever and with his sword, those eyes are going to totally suck me in.

I’m going to be a bumbling idiot trying to come up with my questions.

Thankfully, I wrote a few down and withdraw my notecard, knowing I’d have this problem. “Uh … so … purple hair?” Dammit! That was not the question I meant to ask, but it’s out.

He nods and gathers up his hair as if to taunt me with it, his smile turning shy. “Yeah. Came from my mom. The rest of me is all my dad, but I’m glad I have a piece of her I can touch, to make me remember her, you know?”

I’m always leaning toward him, swooning I’m sure some would say. To talk about his Mom like that is soo … cute it’s hot. Yep. I think I’m in love. “So … your family. Are you an only child? I mean … you know … any one else who’s …” The word single sits on my tongue as if I shouldn’t say it. “… got cool hair?” That’s my question? I’d slap my forehead, but that would be more embarrassing.

His cheeks turn a mild shade of pink, and he snickers. “No, it’s just me. I feel kinda stupid for saying this, but when I asked why I didn’t have any siblings, my parents said they put everything good they had into me.” He shrugs, laughing harder. “That sounds so lame when I say it out loud, but … I’ve always tried to be the good son they raised me to be.”

Awe. I’m still smiling at the sincerity and kindness from this guy, yet he’s a royal guard. “Okay, Cas, tell me … how can you be so sweet and yet wield a sword and kill? Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

“Well, I’m not sure about the whole sweet thing.” His smile falls, and he settles his back against one of the feathered trees. “I don’t like killing, and I only do it if the person gives me no other choice. It hasn’t happened often, but I carry every life I’ve ever taken with me like a little shadow in my soul. I find out who they were and remember them because there’s nothing else I can do for them. I joined the guard to help protect my father, who was one of only two healers in the Black City.”

“So you protect and serve and if killing’s necessary, you do it. Such a humble expression. So what’s your favorite part about being on Liam’s guard?”

“He’s a really good guy despite all of the crap he’s gone through in his life and the tough choices he’s had to make. He really cares about us, and I love him like a brother, would lay down my life to protect his. I’m not the most aggressive fae, let’s face it, but he saw something more in me, you know? Gave me a shot when most others looked down on me for being … I wouldn’t call it soft even though I’ve been called that before–because I’m no sissy–but that I give a thought before sticking my sword into someone. I think Liam gets that there’s more to having a good staff than muscle and blood lust, and that’s what makes him such a good king.”

“A good king. Those are words to really live by aren’t they? Would you want to be King?”

His laughter fills the garden, hearty and warm. “Oh, geez, no. The fae would eat me for lunch, and really, I’m a simple guy at heart. Give me honest work to do and my Brígh and that’s as far as my ambition goes.”

“Your Brigh. Sounds to me, the way you said that, that you really, really, really like her. What’s in store for you two? Anything you can share?”

He shakes his head a little.

“Pretty pretty please?” I blink my lashes at him in an attempt to get some deets.

A sigh passes his smiling lips, and his sight turns inward. “She’s been visiting my dreams ever since I can remember. So beautiful with her cotton candy hair and those sparkling eyes. I already feel like I’ve loved her my whole life, and someday I just know the Goddess will bond us officially so we can complete our connection. We’re going to fill up a house with babies and grow old together. Sounds like heaven to me.”

“Does it sound like heaven to her?” ‘Cause if not, I might just have to put my name in the hat.

A grin spreads across his lips, and this one holds a little mischief. “For that, you’d have to ask her, but since it was her who has been chasing me all this time–not that I minded in the slightest–I’d have to guess yes.”

Ooh, girl after guy. I bet that’d make a great story! Wonder if Jocelyn Adams will write it. 😉

“It was fun chatting with you, Ms. Gayle.” He winks as he turns to leave. “Come by again sometime. I know of at least a few single guards who’d love to have you making those eyes at them.”

Holding my jaw closed becomes immensely hard. “And thanks to you, too, Cas.”


And there you have it! My interview with Cas, one of Liam’s guards in Shadowborn. If you even remotely like him, you gotta read this book because Liam is … well … Liam and Cas is right there along side him.