Come tell me about the class you’d NEVER take again (in high school or college!)

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Sometimes, I think back on my high school years and I cringe. Why? Because I was a nerd. A geek. An out and out over achiever extraordinaire. Honestly? None of that’s changed except I no longer have to get books each August or September. Now, I schlepp my kids to the office supply store and Target and wherever they need to go to get their stuff.

Back in the day, though, I really, truly did get everything in advance and prepped it all ready for day 1.

Day one of freshman year.
Day one of sophomore year.
Day one of junior year.
Day one of senior year.
Repeat in college.

Books, books, books.

I’d do it all over again, too, almost just like I did before.

If I had to do high school all over again, though, I’d never take … Pascal. What’s Pascal?

It’s a programming course. Yes, that’s a programming language from the *cough*1990s*cough* and I promise you, when it comes to blank pages and blank minds and an inability to do anything right, it was in THAT class.


I am NOT a programmer.

So for me, that wouldn’t be a do over. That would be a ‘pick something else already!’ class.

What would you pick? Answer in the comments, and tell me why, plus register to win my ebook through the widget below!

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