Love is in bloom! Sometimes, it’s just as sweet as can be. Isn’t it? #Giveaway

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer”, and Portrait of a Book for hosting this awesome hop!

I remember my first boyfriend. Yep, yep, yep I do. Middle school. He was very kind, but *I* was very awkward. Yeah, me. Totally awkward. Like, seriously awkward and that made the whole relationship … awkward. Clearly awkward is my word of the day. When I think about that relationship (now, in hindsight from 25 ish years ago) I have to cringe.

Everything about it was …

you guessed it …


But why? When I think about my husband today and when we first met, it was awkward too … but only for about 2 seconds when I totally embarrassed myself to get his attention. He and I clicked immediately. Everything felt right.

From the moment I said ‘hi’.


But before then, having a boyfriend was just a part of growing up. I was supposed to have a boyfriend and so I wanted a boyfriend and ‘going’ with a boy was one of my number one priorities. But it wasn’t right otherwise it wouldn’t have felt … awkward.

There was no first kiss. There was a dance, but I can’t even remember if there was any hand holding. Nope. You see? Weird.

When you’re only 12 and 13 (and it was 25 years ago) this is probably normal, whereas 12/13 year olds today already know some of the kama sutra moves. (HOW?) But I digress.

Once my hubby and I met, relationship weirdness went away and 24 years later (this is our 24th together, yes, yes, yes it is) … it’s still just as natural as ever.

That’s why I chose Judy Blume as my showcase author. Throughout the years, Judy Blume has made awkward a science. She’s perfected it in all her characters, from elementary-aged ones through the YA version. I’ve loved all the books I’ve read and the giveaway is for a few others I have on my list … that I think you might like, too.

So, tell me about your first love … first crush or first boyfriend! Answer in the comments and register to win through the widget below!

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