Did you know Kim Jewell daydreamed about … and crushed on the football …

Kim Jewell
Kim Jewell

Go Wildcats! Kim Jewell went to high school in Marion, Illinois – her school colors were yellow and blue. How about yours?

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My other car was a:
Little red MG convertible. Love vintage convertibles! Instead, my first car was an old, beat-up Mazda RX 7, and I’m pretty sure my parents picked it because it was a two-seater. (But that didn’t keep me from packing seven people in once!) The best part about this car was the winshield wiper fluid – the holes where it shot out were mounted on the hood. I turned them around so they shot forward, rather than backwards on my windshield, effectively spraying other cars in front of me when I got bored in traffic!

There was a hot teacher … her/his name was …
In junior high, the major crush was the football coach! I don’t remember his name now, but I’m sure I doodled it as my last name quite often as I daydreamed through classes…

Nerd? Geek? Jock? Snob?
Um… All of the above? I did well in school, much better than my little brother who always called me both a nerd and a geek. I never really fit in my own skin back then, so definitely felt like a geek. I played softball, volleyball and was on the dance team, though wouldn’t necessarily call myself a jock, persay. Snob, no – but I was always quiet, which often times people mistake for snobby or b!+@#y…

I will never, ever, ever do ____________________ again.
“One day after school, my best friend and I put on workout clothes and decided to go jog around the high school track. A new surface had just been installed – that rubberized coating that was new and hot back then. My friend (driving) pulls up to the gate and says “Hey, why don’t we take the first lap in the car.” So we did, and giggled the whole way around. That is, until we saw the principal storming down the sidewalk towards us. We got in serious hot water. Yeah, I’ll never do that again.”

If my parents knew I did ____________________, they’d have grounded me forever.
My brother got in trouble once for insulting another classmate (what he said was really raw!). He got sent home with a note from his teacher, which he was supposed to have signed by a parent, and return the next day. If my mother knew I forged her signature on that note, I’d probably still be grounded!

Invisible Justice by Kim Jewell
Invisible Justice by Kim Jewell

Favorite one-line review about the book

Right up there with James Pattersons’ Max series

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

“We figured out your power.”

And at that, he heard her jump off her bed and run to the door, which whooshed open, her eyes wide with wonder. “What is it?”

Both Sam and Leesha smiled like Cheshire cats, and answered in unison. “Invisibility.”

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