Did you know … L.J. Charles got caught … and at the prom, she …

L.J. Charles
L.J. Charles

I almost got caught …..
I almost got caught sneaking into my boyfriend’s car one evening. Only it wasn’t his car. This one was parked in front of a sleazy tavern and some guy came out and confronted me. Scared? I ran and it was hours before I realized the police weren’t going to chase me down and arrest me for car theft. After that I memorized my boyfriend’s license plate number.

Welcome L.J.! In this installment of “What was it like to be a teenage ____” we’ve got L.J. Charles answering some tough questions and giving us insight into her past … especially since her book Lifethread is ready to be read! So, read on and find out just what she was like.

There was a hot teacher … her/his name was …
There was a hot teacher named Ken. I knew he liked me because one day he stole my shoe during class. Maybe I should mention this was in college.

If I could do it all again, I would …
If I could do it all again, I would study much harder. I didn’t realize what an impact those pesky grades would have on my future. I made up for it, but ended up working so much harder than I’d planned, and at a time when I should have been focusing on my career.

I would also stand up for myself. There were a couple of guys who gave me a hard time and looking back, I wish I’d gone toe-to-toe with them instead of trying to become invisible.

I will never, ever, ever do that again.
I will never, ever, ever race in a Thunderbird again. Even as a passenger it scared the beejeezus out of me.

__________ kisses like a ____________
My first serious boyfriend kissed like…well, there are no comparisons. My entire body tingled like a bottle of expensive champagne. He had the best kisses ever, but maybe that was because he was The First.

Now, before we get to the last question, let’s look at LJ’s book …

Lifethread by L.J. Charles
Lifethread by L.J. Charles

McKenna Fin is armed, dangerous, and in love for the first time. She’ll do anything to earn her humanity… except the one thing the Fate’s require.

Stuck in her senior year of high school until she earns her humanity, McKenna Fin is responsible for cutting the lifethread of demons, and protecting teens from being possessed. To celebrate her fiftieth year of apprenticeship to the Fate Atropos, McKenna is given a new responsibility, and possibly a quick way to earn her humanity—severing the lifethread of deserving humans. Her first assignment: Nathan Quinn.

When Nathan becomes a primary demon target and gets sucked into Tartania, McKenna’s duty as a Fated priestess demands she follow. McKenna can rescue him, no problem, but then she’d have to cut his lifethread. And he’s the one and only guy she’s been attracted to since forever.

The demons consider Nathan one of their own and fight to keep him. The time limit on Nathan’s life is about to run out, and McKenna has to make the decision: sever his lifethread, or battle demons, defy the Fates, and keep him for her own.

Favorite one-line review about the book

It was suspenseful, exciting, touching, and it made me stay on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

“The locker room smell of dirty sneakers and dried sweat swirled around us, a dose of reality in this loopy time warp.

Nathan ambled through the room like a pro, dodging gym bags, equipment, and half-naked guys–way too much info on that last one. He twirled the dial on his combination lock and a black hole opened in front of him, sucking him into oblivion.

“Follow or not?” I shouted at Merritt and Shea.

They gave the mental nod to go, and we tumbled after Nathan. “

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But before you go, one last question, especially on the heels of that kiss …

What really happened on prom night …
Seriously? He lived on an island and I had to travel for several hours that included a ferry ride. Our plans did not include a hotel room since it was a very small island and his parents knew everyone–to say nothing of the fact that his dad was the high school principal. I did the next best thing and stayed with a girlfriend’s family who also lived on the island. After the prom, we went back to her house and got caught in what I then thought was a torrid kiss. Getting caught killed the rest of the evening’s plans.

Congratulations, L.J.! Good luck with Lifethread!

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