Tada! The all new Emi Gayle is here!

Emi Gayle's Assistant
Emi Gayle's Assistant
Reinventing yourself when you don’t really exist is kinda fun. It means I can be anything I want to be and have! See? Before, I was just a solemn girl at the computer, typing away stories from her teenage years. And then I finished a story. And another. And then I took a break. But now that I’ve found myself again, in a new and improved version, I’m here to stay!

When I say I’m ‘all new’, I pretty much mean the same old same old with new makeup, though. Right? I am still the same person, I just haven’t been ‘around’ in a while and kinda let my space get dusty.

Now that the eyeliner, mascara and a touch of blush have been added, I’m back and better than ever!

Actually, I have a LOT in store and planned! First, let me say, I can’t yet tell you my biggest news. Doesn’t that just suck? Well … I can’t. Probably not until January, 2012 <-- Dude, that feeeeeeels like a freakishly long ways away. But it's important to the marketing arm of **************** <-- see what happens when I try to SAY my good news outloud? Well, see the problem is I have to prove something first. Remember that story I wrote last January (2011, not 2010) ... there are a TON of blog posts here about it. Anyway, that story, seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. But that story isn’t done. So before I can announce anything, I have to write the 2nd of three parts TO that story. You get it now? Hopefully I’ve been 100% unclear so I have not broken a bit of my honor system word that I would say ********************** <-- well there it goes again. So... that being said, I'll be spending all of November WRITING. Yep. WRITING part 2 of a 3-part Trilogy I can't say anything about. Yet.
Since I’ll be writing and it’s in November, I’ve decided to make this my Nano project. So, Nanowrimo 2011, here I come! I’m sharing this space with the older me because, well … she has the account. So just pretend it’s me. And just so you know I really do have another me, here she is, too —>. She’s also going to be blogging some, you know … for that older perspective?

Anyway … I can’t write full time (gotta sleep, you know), and I can’t write if I have other stuff in my head, so that’s where my blog, Twitter and Facebook come in. I’ll dump my thoughts and stuff I’m having fun with around those three parts. Feel free to follow and comment on anything that you read.

As for this blog … well, I have a few fun things going on.

1) Just like my other me (Aimee Laine), I’ll be doing book cover reviews, but exclusively for Young Adult books. Yep. That’s what I’d read, right? Not those big bound books with no pretty pictures. I need color!

2) I’ll be interviewing YA authors (and any other prominent figure that might be willing to gush with me) about their teen years. Unfortunately, it kinda takes getting to the 30s (maybe 20s) to understand what it was like to be a teen. But … I really don’t care about how much money someone doesn’t have or how many years they have left before their knees give out. I want to know about when they snuck off in their parent’s cars for a night of unencumbered fun and managed to not get caught (We all need to learn how to do that, right?). Yup … the behind the scenes stuff. No stodgy 30 something experiences! I’ll bet you’ll never guess what kinds of teens they once were.

I have other ideas and will implement them as the mood strikes me.

So that’s it for this new version of me! What do you think?