After Dark Editing done!

Two weeks, 2000 words gone, After Dark has been through my standard edits.

Jump for Joy!

What are those standard edits?

  1. The first is a pass by one of my writer buddies. Gotta get ideas solidified and the really bad stuff I won’t see fixed right away
  2. The second pass is through Autocrit where I eliminate all those duplicate words, extra ‘that’ and ‘just’ and phrases that are cliche
  3. The third time is my own read from start to finish

And now, it will go on to three beta readers who’ve already requested to read it, but if you’re interested, let me know!

Not sure, ‘cuz you have no idea what it’s about? Well, try this little blurb on for size:

Humans suck.

At least, that’s what eighteen year old Mac Thorne thinks. Thankfully, she only has nine months left before she never again has to be one of the annoying, inferior creatures. She may spend her days with them, but at night, she flits between the paranormal races as the mood suits her.

Her failure to choose a race, though, may be the bigger problem in her life. When her own kind attack, with the intention to kill, Mac’s forced into a protective circle made up of school friends, and most particularly, the very-human, Winn Thomas.

Winn hadn’t expected to find the most untouchable girl at West High staring back at him from the pages of a history book, let alone in his ams, at night, in a cemetery and changing forms. Yet, when finds out what Mac really is, he’s both intrigued and willing to help her.

Mac may need Winn to survive the next few months, but she has no intention of continuing their relationship. That is, until she falls in love with him. Then both their lives will be in danger.