37 writing days, 79,000 words … the results

So I spent the last 2.5 months writing the first draft of After Dark and last week, I finished! As of today, I have completed my first full draft edit (from my illustrious writer buddy). I am now 1/3 of the way through the 2nd and 3rd drafts whereby I spruce it up in preparation for sending it out to find out what does and doesn’t work (from regular ‘ole’ readers).

But …

I wanted to take a moment before I get to that stage to document exactly how much time (okay, with a lot of ‘ishes’ in there) it took to get from 0 words to 79,000 words.

So, here goes…

  • 76 relative number of hours spent in getting to first draft (remember some time was writing WHILE watching t.v. or playing with kids, etc.)
  • 65 days between writing word 1 and writing ‘THE END’
  • 41 challenge words included
  • 37 days on which I actually did something to the manuscript
  • 31 chapters
  • 26 supporting characters
  • 2 main characters
  • 1 love story
  • 1 happy ending
  • 1 part of a 3-part story: done

The end.

And this ends the Write-umentary … for now. Editing is in progress. Once those pesky edits are in, I’d love to have a few folks read it. If you are interested, let me know. 🙂

Many thank-yous for following along as I progressed.