Day 20 Write-umentary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges worked into scenes:
rugose <--TBD (I have an idea for where, but am not to that scene) succubied <-- ditto the above Riparian <-- TBD Indubitably <-- new to add! (and I know where - next scene) Boffin <-- new to add! Exultation <-- new to add (and I know where - next scene) Total word count to-date:

Chapter 1 is back from my critique partner extraordinaire with one big gaping hole of confusion, so I’ve modified that, edited Chapter 2 with some much needed info and sent it off. Those edits took up most of my writing time, but only because I was also obsessing about an email I got for another novel which will hopefully be sent to a Sr. Editor for final decision making!! <--- can you all say 'nerves'? So, I didn't do as much new writing in After Dark as I'd hoped, but I am getting through the big reveal and pulling out Mac's 'softer' side .... the one that just can't stay hidden now that Winn's 'in' her life in more ways than one. Time allotted to writing:
~2 actual hours (ish) with way more time left to obsessing and worrying over non-After Dark stuff. šŸ™‚

Completed :
100% of Ch. 14
25% of Ch. 15

Favorite line(s):

To confirm or deny would break yet another rule. Iā€™d already failed in so many ways, why should I have cared about one more?