Day 19 Write-umentary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):
+1824 (but I edited about 2000 words completely different)

Word challenges worked into scenes:
rugose <--TBD (I have an idea for where, but am not to that scene) succubied <-- ditto the above Riparian <-- TBD Indubitably <-- new to add! Boffin <-- new to add! Total word count to-date:

Yet again I made some major scene changes. Those 2000 words modified, I could get down to new writing. It was at this point in the story that I realized I was missing a key element … that one part wasn’t progressing as fast as I’d have liked. The romance … that is. It was just ‘not there yet’ so it was time to jump ahead and then back fill. Done!

Time allotted to writing:
~2 actual hours (ish) though I had my computer with me for waaaaaaaaaaaay longer but was chatting and critiquing and ultimately procrastinating. 🙂

Completed :
All of Ch. 13
50% of Ch. 14

Favorite line(s):

A thud at our feet suggested Winn dropped his bag, or fell over. “You know—” he started, so I guessed he remained next to me.

This one is best served in context, but it’s my new favorite line. 🙂