Day 10: Write-umetary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges worked into scenes:
Craptastic <-- added! Protuberant <-- added! Pettifogger <-- still to be added. Feel free to send one my way! It doesn't have to be in the dictionary IF you can give me a definition. 🙂 Total word count to-date:

Today was a super lazy day where I just sat on my comfy chair in my messy family room with my kids all around me. It wasn’t a day meant for focus. It wasn’t a day meant for down and dirty diving in. Yeah, I got a lot of words in and a bunch of edits in (yes, yes, I edit as I go) and I pushed the story further with a few hints toward cool stuff to come. My main characters are together though neither is particularly happy about it. Too bad for them! Ha! But, I’m very happy with the progression and where the story is going and that is the most important part!

Time allotted to writing:
8 hours of TOTALLY distracted writing. Probably actually amounted to **maybe** 2 hours between all the loads of laundry, movies on t.v. (free Showtime weekend) and lunch, dinner, snacks and miscellaneous doings for the kidlets.

Oooh. Loads!
Major edits to Ch. 5
All of Ch. 6
Almost all of Ch. 7

Favorite line(s):

Winn smiled. “Chocolate? Shouldn’t you eat something more… healthy?”

<-- anyone think he should never say this to a girl when she asks for chocolate? 🙂 ha!