Beta readers: You love to…

love ’em. 🙂

My son is beta reading First Kiss(es), so yeah … I gotta love him … but this little conversation made the push and shove, beg and plead for him to read this manuscript alllll worth it. Yes, it’s a romance and yes he’s only 13 and yes, the book is *probably* not really made for him. But why not? Don’t guys like to love, too?

Joseph has been asking to read my other novels to which I have replied with a vehement ‘no’ … but this one, First Kiss(es) is different and I have him hooked. Don’t believe me? Surely no self-respecting man or boy would read a romance?

Him: I’m going to read.
Me: What chapter are you on?
Him: 11
Me: Cool.
[Goes and sits on couch while hubby and I are cooking] Him: Mom? This reads like it’s fiction.
Me: It is fiction.
Him: I thought it was a romance.
Me: It is a romance.
Hubby: Romance can be fiction.
Me: It’s a paranormal romance.
Hubby: That means freaky things happen, like it’s a little science-fictiony.
Him: Oh. So! Oh! [excited pants] Mom! What’s going on then?
Me: What do you mean? [confused]
Him: What is she? Like a vampire or werewolf?
Me: Guess you have to read to find out.
Joseph: Noooooooo! [excited laughter] You have to tell me.
Me: ::smiles::
Hubby: ::smiles::

What I know and he doesn’t … Ch 12? Gives him the answer. He took the story with him when he went to bed. I’ll have to ask him what he thinks in another day or so.

Aren’t beta readers awesome?