There is always something else to do…

After Dark has been sitting, quite unfortunately, waiting for my attention for the last ::cough:: week because I spent quite a bit of time writing the First Kiss(es) synopsis and query letter. Now that one is ‘done’ (meaning in a draft form that is worth sharing) and the other is almost done (meaning in a draft form not worth sharing) I will be getting back to my characters.

They are in need, too … as am I. In that time I have acquired quite a few new challenge words from my writer friends to include in the manuscript. 🙂 It’s been fun finding appropriate places for them.

Look for more this week as I press forward once again, having gotten the ‘hard’ part of writing novels, *mostly* out of the way. (and yes, that mean the synopsis and query — I can kick out 80,000 words in no-time, but to pare that down? Stress city).

How are your writing goals coming for 2011? Share!