My first trilogy with sequels

I have to admit that under my other pen name, all my stories are series of three — so trilogies. The difference between this me and my other me is that Emi Gayle stories are coming out as sequels instead of series.

What’s the difference?
A series doesn’t always come from the same character’s perspective.
A series doesn’t always follow the same story line.
A sequel is an extension of the previous story, generally told from the same character’s perspective. (Generally, I say, but not always).
A sequel often relies on the previous story for some information; a series doesn’t need that information, though it often benefits from it.

When I came up with After Dark, I knew, right away, that I wanted the story to be told throughout Mac’s 19th year (from when she turns 18 to the moment she turns 19).

If, however, I tell that story in one book, it will likely reach 300,000 words. So, if I start right away by establishing this as a trilogy, all from Mac’s perspective, as a set of sequels to the first one, then I can tell the whole story in pieces.

After Dark came to me (as all titles do). These next two did as well, but only when I made the leap from single compressed story to a picture of Mac’s entire year.

Keep in mind, titles can (and often do) change… but for now, here is where I’m going with the story. First, let me say the Trilogy name is also a ‘maybe’, but it actually fits with part of an idea I have for the books.

The Choice Trilogy
After Dark – Book 1
Mac’s perspective on life and her ‘situation’ but it brings in Winn who’s got to learn what exactly happens ‘after dark’. Story opens on Halloween, closes on New Years Eve.

Day After — Book 2
Mac’s perspective when she learns exactly where her choices have landed her on the ‘day after’ she makes them and just what Winn can do to help/hurt. Story opens New Years Day, closes March 15th (the Ides of March).

Darkest Day — Book 3
Mac’s perspective again, where she makes the ultimate sacrifice, but will it be for her own kind or for the boy she’s come to love? Story opens Memorial Day (end of May) and closes July 4th (Independence Day) which also happens to be her 19th birthday.

Yes, it’s still all ideas and yes, those ideas are still percolating, but they are there. We’ll just see if I can deliver them on paper. 🙂

I hope it’s somewhat intriguing! 🙂