Follow my writing progress!

My goal … as I write the Choice Trilogy, is to document my writing process down to the minute detail.

Why? Oh … for fun. 🙂

Actually, I want to see what it takes for me to write three stories-that-are-really-one and to plow through with my day job, kids, husband, family affairs, etc.

What I plan to do is document:
o Word count by day with a goal to write for one hour every day
o My own thoughts/feelings/remorse/craziness about what I’ve written that day (in a single sentence if possible)
o What prevented my writing from happening that day (if anything)
o I’ll share my favorite line from what I’ve written (caveat: not always and this line could get cut in the editing process)

I think this will be a fun exercise that will take me through the first quarter of 2011, I do believe. By the end of those three months? Said books will be at first draft at least and then they will sit … idle … for another quarter.

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As my word count goes up … share yours! The more we can work together, the more fun this project will be!

One of my good writer buddies is participating in the A Round of Words in 80 Days challenge (actually two of them are). So while I’m not signing up officially, this is me jumping on the challenge bandwagon and going full steam ahead.

But while they’ll be starting January 3rd, I’ve got December 31st off and will be making use of my non-work day to work like a banshee on chapters 1-x of After Dark.

Get ready 2011 … I expect to have 3 new YA novels (while my other me has a goal of 2 new adult novels and something else I’ve been asked to help write. 😉 ).

What will you be doing in 2011? What are your goals/challenges/way-over-the-top-ambitions? 🙂