27th May 2013
_Remember Me by Amaleen Ison

If you saw it, would you read it? Remember Me by Amaleen Ison #ReadOrNot

About the front: Wow. I’m cold. I’m shivering and I’m desperate to get warm while looking at this cover. Yes, those are the feelings I immediately get. The blues, purples...

12th Apr 2012

Tag! I’m it! (Yes, it’s time to play fun kids games)

Or not. 😉 Actually this is a tagged-blog-chain whereby the last person to break the chain will suffer a horrible death at the hands of make believe vampires and zombies....

02nd Feb 2012
The Trouble with Nightingale by Amaleen Ison

Book Review! The Trouble with Nightingale by Amaleen Ison

The only trouble I had with nightingale was that it was too short. It took me, *maybe* an hour to read as was a nice filler, while, of all things,...

24th Jan 2012
Amaleen Ison

Did you know, Amaleen Ison excelled at going un-noticed until the night of her Leaver’s Party? #interview

What was it like to be a teenage Amaleen Ison? My other car was a ________________ I grew up in the Cotswolds (on top of a big hill), a mile...