Tada! It’s an extra to The 19th Year Trilogy – Night & Day is here!

Because I just could’t let go of Mac & Winn, Suze, Zoe, Josie, Bernie, Maddie, Maya, Rory … the whole cast and crew of The 19th Year, I wrote one EXTRA little story. One EXTRA little bit of detail set with them as the cast. One reunion, if you will, to give you a sneak peek into what happened AFTER The 19th Year ended.

And today is the day! Night & Day is here just for you and only, forever, for $.99!

So if you need just one more little blip of Mac & Winn, Suze and … oh, everyone … read this Suze-sized short!

Click the cover above to buy it now!
Night and Day by Emi Gayle

Click the cover above to buy it now!