Perry Road Tour Shout out “Thank you”! (And winners!)

Perry Road Tour Shout out “Thank you”! (And winners!)

All the following, amazing bloggers and friends have posted in the last month about Perry Road. I with to give them one huge shout out!

Shout Out

September 2
Mag Luvs YA
Review snippet: “[Emi] has a way with words that will make you forget to go through life until you finish every single word she’s written.”

Lola’s Book Review

Bookworm Lisa
Review snippet: “[Perry Road] is full of thought provoking questions. It shows possible consequences of a government given too much control, the misuse of power, and the loss of freedom to make individual choices. I love that it brings out the point at how much we will allow government to abuse power being fed the line that it is all for the greater good and equality. How complacent can society become?”

September 3
The Cover Contessa
J. Keller Ford
Review snippet: “A Must Read Dystopian for All Americans”
Reader Girl’s Blog
Shout With Emaginette

September 4
AimeeKay’s Reviews & Other Randomness
I’m a Reader Not a Writer
Iris St. Clair
At Random
Review Snippet: “Perry Road has a combination of mystery, deep seated political corruption, and many, many secrets.”

September 5
Fighter Writer (J.C. Martin)
A Dream Within a Dream

September 6
Cloud Nine Girl

September 7
Lola’s Book Review
Review snippet: I really liked the political focus of this dystopia world and it was a bit frightening how real it all felt sometimes.

September 8
Sheryl Winters

September 9
The Cover Contessa
Review Snippet: It’s so important for America’s youth to understand the state their union is in and how it will affect them in the future. Gayle has hit it right on the head and done so in a way that will keep teens enthralled.

September 10
Julie Reece, author of Crux

September 11
Aimee Laine, author Silent Echoes

September 12
Amaleen Ison, author Remember Me
My Book Boyfriend
Review snippet: I really like where this story is headed and I’m eager to read the next installment.

September 13
Katherine Skye
Jocelyn Adams, author The Glass Man
Marissa Halvorson – The Musings of a Fantasy Writer’s Life
Review snippet: I’ve read wonderful dystopian concepts before, but I never get over the amazing ideas these authors have come up with. If you read dystopian, or even if you don’t, I seriously recommend picking up this book. It’ll keep your attention all the way through with just the intrigue of the new and futuristic world.
Ever On Word

September 15
YA Book Addict
Review snippet: Despite the political tones of Perry Road, it was never preachy or difficult to read and comprehend. I found it to be a really easy, well written story and the ending set us up perfectly for the next book in the series with just enough questions left unanswered.

September 16
Alex Nader, author Beasts of Burdin

September 17
Jeanz Book Read N Review
Review Snippet: I want to shout out how much I loved this book from the rooftops.
Scribbler’s Sojourn

And here are the winners! Congratulations!

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