TIED author Laney McMann says Go ______ ! (What team??)

TIED author Laney McMann says Go ______ ! (What team??)

Nothing’s better than being on the _________ team
Dancer. 😉 Never on any high school teams.

Laney McMann

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Go ____________!
Hurricanes. Colors were purple and white. What that had to do with a hurricane, I’ll never know. We didn’t have a mascot that I remember, and I didn’t go to a lot of football games in high school. The pep rallies (that we were required to go to) might have had a guy dressed in a ‘hurricane’ suit. Maybe.

My other car was a ________________
“Iroc Z. The car everyone wanted. My best friend got one. In red.

My car was a Dodge 400. White. The engine blew up after a few months of owning it. On the way home from the beach. In the middle of no where. At night.”

Nerd? Geek? Jock? Snob?
I have no idea what other people thought of me in school, and I don’t remember caring much. 😉 My friends were mostly skaters and surfers, so I don’t think any of us fell into the usual catagories. And most of my friends were a grade under me. Probably because I have a late birthday, so they were closer to my age.

If I could do it all again, I would …
I seriously wouldn’t do it again. I’d do college again. For sure. But, High School—no way. Worst part of HS for me was that we moved at the end of my 8th grade year, so ALL of my friends went to the HS I’d grown up thinking I was going to—while I ended up at the rival school across town. Needless to say I … rebelled.

There is no better class than _____________
English has always been my favorite class. Always. Why? Because I love to read, and I love to write, of course. 😉

Now, before we get to the last question, let’s look at Laney’s book …

TIED by Laney McMann
TIED by Laney McMann
Normal people don’t believe their nightmares stalk them. They don’t fall in love with boys who don’t exist, either.

Seventeen-year-old Layla Labelle, though, is far from normal. Her delusions walk the earth. Her hallucinations hunt her, and her skin heats to a burn every time her anger flares.

Or is that all in her head?

Layla doesn’t know what to believe any more because if none of that’s true, Max MacLarnon must be an illusion, and her heart must still be broken.

No matter how much she wants to believe Max is real, doing so would mean everything else is, too. How, then, is that possible?

The answers lie in an age-old legend the supernatural aren’t prepared to reveal, and with a curse that could tear Layla and Max apart forever—if it doesn’t kill them both first.

In TIED, book one in the Fire Born trilogy, learning the truth will mean fighting an arsenal of demons, and being with Max will put Layla on a path toward her own destruction.

Just how far will Layla go to protect the one she loves?

The answer may never be far enough … away.

Favorite 6 sentences from the book

“Afternoon sun flooded through the shop’s front windows in sheets, creating a back lit silhouette in the doorway. Dust particles floated past my scope of vision like miniature ghosts, and the clear grey eyes glancing at me made my breath end in my throat.
The room spun and slowed to a time-warped crawl, and the spicy sweetness of gardenias wafted through the air. Visions rushed up to the surface, flooding my brain, blowing the circuits. My magazine dropped to the floor, and I swayed, grabbing the counter for support, forcing myself to blink.
“Layla?” Thudding feet echoed in the distance.

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But before you go, one last question …

One night … I snuck out and you’ll never believe what happened …
Never snuck out. Not even once. I did a lot of other—much more stupid things, like having a party when my mom was out of town once. Which I would have gotten away with had I not made flyers (yes, flyers) and handed them out. My mom found one when she got home.

Okay, just one more …
What really happened on prom night …
Prom night. I went with my boyfriend (and my BFF and her boyfriend), and my dress was solid black. I loved it. My boyfriend hated it. That sums up how much fun we had. 😉

No, no, one more …
I almost got caught ________________
“Taking my mom’s car without her permission. I actually did get caught. I think this was the same weekend I threw the party, actually. I drove across town, picked up my friends, and we went to some store that’s not in business anymore. Luria’s, I think.

It was all good until my mom found the receipt from the store in the floor board of her car. With the date printed on it. She was out of town that day.

Starting to see why I didn’t ever sneak out? Clearly I was lacking some stealth skills at a teen. ;)”

Congratulations, Laney! Good luck with TIED!

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