Help me count to 1020 on Goodreads!


Because from start to finish, from all those people who added After Dark to one of their lists (all 2000 of them as of September 24th), Number 1020 is the winner of …

An ebook ARC and a signed bookmark!

Yes! Seriously!

So let’s get this count underway …

skip a few
skip a few more

We were so excited to reach 2000 before launch that I just had to celebrate and this how I’m doing it!

So who is lucky number 1020?

Help us figure that out! (actually, we know but want to see if you get the same answer as us).

How do you help? And what do you get for counting to 1020?

Well … start at the ‘end’ or the ‘beginning’ depending on how you look at it. On page 68 … With the first entry by Mackenzie (Oh, for the Love of Books!) on January, 8, 2012 and count UP. Once we reach, in order, number 1020 … that’s the winner!

But you, too … if you find the same name as I have … by October 1st, you’ll get a signed bookmark! Just leave the name in the comments!

Ready to help?

Here is your link : After Dark on Goodreads

Small print:
While supplies last on the bookmarks. LOL I only have ‘so’ many!

Can’t wait to see your answer!