Wanna know what’s hiding on page 77 of After Dark? #Lucky7Meme

I’ve been tagged for a “Lucky 7 Meme”!

What exactly is The Lucky 7 MEME? Here’s how it works:

Go to p. 77 of current WIP

So, I’ve done this, using my final manuscript for my YA novel, which will not correlate to the page in the book when it comes out. 🙂 So the book is called After Dark and it’s my debut this October, 2012!! Want to know more?

Well … the cover reveal comes in a few weeks and the blurb then, too.

For now, there’s a little teaser on Goodreads.

go to line 7

Well go figure … my page 77 is only a few lines long … let’s see if I have 7.

copy down next 7 lines/sentences & post them as they’re written

Here you go! All the sentences that follow to the end of the chapter. Since I didn’t have 7 lines but I had more than 7 sentences (technically), I’m giving it all to ya.

“Um … nothing. I’ve just heard about this thing before. Remember? My parents being all into that sort of stuff?”

“Oh … yeah. So—” He opened to the first page.

‘The Carriage’ and my first home appeared on the page.

“—are you interested in reading more?”

Tag 7 other authors

Okay, so yeah, I know I’m bad, but I hate tagging these things. So … I break the chain, but if you WANT to play along, do!

Let them know

I shall let all my friends know they are welcome to play!

And that’s it! Hope you like my little few words there. 🙂