What’s your favorite chocolate? Share and you could win! #Giveaway

Follower Love Giveaway Hop
Follower Love Giveaway Hop

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer” and Rachael Renee Anderson for hosting this awesome Follower Love Giveaway Hop!

This is my first blog hop on this blog. My alter-ego does them quite regularly, but since my book’s not yet released or in ARC form, I can’t share IT, but I can promote my adult reads and if that’s not your thing, you can have CHOCOLATE! Now if you click that link there, it’ll take you to Goodreads where you can at least add my book to your TBR pile!

How will you win a batch of chocolate and a couple signed bookmarks?

Easy! Since this is a Follower Love Blog Hop, all I ask is two things:

1) Sign up for my blog updates OR newsletter.

2) Tell me your favorite chocolate.

Regarding 1)
– Blog updates come via email each time a post is made. The Newsletter comes 1x a month. It’s the same one as my alter-ego maintains, so if you’re already on it, you’re done! Both are on the right side of my blog for you to choose.

Regarding 2)
– I’m not guaranteeing to send you your favorite chocolate, but I will send chocolate. I just want to know what your fav is.

In addition to the chocolate, I’m giving away one of Aimee Laine’s bookmarks for Little White Lies AND Hide & Seek! Signed!

If you want the book itself, well … then check out Part 1 — the blog hop spot on Aimee Laine’s blog!

So … 1) sign up and 2) answer this question by the end of the day February 14th and I’ll randomly choose one name to win!

What is your favorite chocolate?