I’ve got spirit… yes I do … I won #Nano … how ’bout you?

I’m very cheery this morning because November is over and I won! Go me! Go Team Me! 🙂

Every year, about this time, November to be exact, a flurry of writing begins and ends around the world. You see … November was National Novel Writing Month.

Whether it was a writer’s first time, 10th time or 100th (is that possible?) it’s a month where loads of people get together in person and virtually, with a common goal.


This was my third year and as the badge below and to the left signifies, I won.

What was I writing this go-round? Well… book two in The Choices Trilogy which will likely be renamed, but for now that’s what it is.

I wrote Book 1 in January 2011 and will write book 3 in December 2011. Why the ‘big push’ to finish? Because if I can get this baby done, I’ll have * ******** ****** *** ****! Man, you see every time I try to talk about why might be coming, my words get all bleeped out.

Okay, so I can’t tell you exactly why I want to finish, but suffice it to say … it’s exciting.

Is that enough for now?

If not, let me tell you a little about this book trilogy I’ve been writing. You see, there’s this girl. Mac. And there’s this boy. Winn. And they have never, ever spent any time together because they come from opposite worlds. Sorta. They are both human. Sorta. Well, Winn is. And Mac is for part of the day.

Anyway, Mac’s got this big looming deadline 9 months from when the first story starts. No, she’s not pregnant. She’s gotta make a big-a$$ed decision is what she has to do. Think about it like this. You’re 18 and by the time you turn 19, you HAVE TO KNOW what you’re going to do for the rest of your life and you have NO way to change it.

Big, right?

Mac, though, isn’t all caught up in the hoopla of making this decision. On the outside it’s no big deal. On the inside, it’s a huge deal and there’s only one person in the world she trusts to help her get to the final answer.

Winn, of course.

But since he’s human, he’s got some big ole limitations. You see, Winn can’t do stuff that Mac can. He doesn’t know everything Mac knows. But what he brings to her is responsibility, a look to the future and some sense.

Until it all backfires in Book 2 and everything Winn thought about Mac turns out to be tossed on its head and he ends up in a land he’s not supposed to be in.

Cryptic much? Yeah, well, I can’t give it away.

Mac and Winn have NO future together. Everything they learn is going to tear them apart when Mac turns 19. But for the 9 months before then, these two will be *mostly* inseparable.

I say mostly ’cause of course I know a few things that are going to happen to test that theory.

So if I write Happily Ever afters, how are these two going to have one? Will he get bitten by a vampire and turn immortal to be with her? Nah. That’s over and done with. Will she give up her heritage and stay human? Nope. Done too.

You’ll just have to wait until ******** **** ** ****** * ******** all about it.


So there you have it. Book 2 is (almost) done with November being the big push to the end, using Nano as my challenge.

How about you? Did Nano spur you on to greatness or was it a death-defying, torturous month of writing doom?