Day 34 : Write-umentary (70k words!)

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges added into scenes:
None this time, but I have a number to add, still. 🙂

Total word count to-date:
70,006 (88% done with this story!)

The final big reveal is coming up with the close of the story! It’s almost done!! I didn’t get a lot of time to write over the week with a bunch of other stuff to do. Didn’t even get time yesterday, but today … with 75 degrees outside and a hubby playing with his motorcycle? I sat right out there with him and tap-tap-tapped my way to 68,500 words and add the rest while watching Pearl Harbor for the 800th time.

Time allotted to writing:
~3 hours total in two parts 🙂

Completed :
CH. 26 – done
Ch. 27 – done
CH. 28 – 50%

Favorite line(s):

“You think you have all these reasons to get rid of me. I thought it, too. I was wrong.”