Day 29: Write-umentary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges worked into scenes:
Droopy drawers
Cuz that’s the way I roll.

Total word count to-date:

Not a lot of writing time today because I watched the 1984 version of The Karate Kid. 🙂 But hey, sometimes, you just gotta do other stuff. 🙂 S’ok. I did accomplish a little and a few critiques. Tomorrow will be a lazier, writing day, so I expect to accomplish more.

Time allotted to writing:
~1 hour in this one.

Completed :
Ch. 21 – done

Favorite line(s):

“Nooooooo!” The whine, from such a large man, brought all eyes to him. “Not a GT-R! That’s just blasphemous.”