Day 27: Write-umentary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges worked into scenes:
Riparian <-- TBD Tittle <--TBD [insert character name/you] has/have the brains of a decapitated slug <-- received! Total word count to-date:

I’ve been sending off my chapters to what I call a ‘pre-beta’ reader. She nitpicks, finds problems, corrects my bad grammar, etc. In this process, I found a few errors and decided tonight, I would take the time to re-read all of what I’d written to-date. This way, I could edit to ‘fix’ and in the process, I added almost 1k words. Go figure. It was a good exercise though as it brought up a few arcs to tug and a few lines to go and I put in more character development stuff for my main girl. Oh, and better yet, I now have 11 chapters ready for my pre-beta reader so when I get emails that threaten to hunt me down if I don’t send her more, I’ll be ready. 😉

Time allotted to writing:
2 hours of editing ……. nothing but editing. I know people say don’t edit as you go along, but that really helps me stay and keep to my character’s personality, building in traits and little tidbits that push me through when I get farther in. 🙂

Completed :
Completed nothing new, today.

Favorite line(s):
Sorry! Nothing new and exciting because it was all editing. 🙂