Day 22 : Write-umentary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges worked into scenes:
rugose <--TBD (I have an idea for where, but am not to that scene) succubied <-- ditto the above Riparian <-- TBD Boffin <-- new to add! Total word count to-date:

Two movies later, I have shuffled all sorts of stuff that I wrote in the last 2 days and added 1500 words in the process. 🙂 Drew out some ‘fun’ stuff. Added some tension, mystery and intrigue and some hints to what’s to come. Those little ‘goose eggs’ as they are called, are really fun. 🙂

Time allotted to writing:
Can’t even give a time as I did all my writing while watching two movies : Transporter 3 (don’t ask) and The Green Zone (with my son). Actual writing time? Probably an hour. But I sat on my butt for at least 4.

Completed :
Recompleted Ch. 15
Most of Ch 16 is in, just need to finagle it.

Favorite line(s):

Choice is her gift and her enemy.

And so it is true!