Day 7: After Dark Write-umentary

Additional word count (+/- with a few edits to previous):

Word challenges worked into scenes:
o knorks (<-- if you don't know what this, I'll leave you to look it up) o dystopian Total word count to-date:
8,645 (I should be over 10k by this day 7, but taking into account I missed two days, I’m actually 1k ahead and over the course of those two days I wrote 4k words in other stuff, so technically, I’m up by like 5k! Ha!)

My goal, since I’ve slacked of over the last two days, was to write for 4 hours tonight. Instead, I went to the grocery store, had dinner out with my kids, tweaked a piece that is not young-adult friendly, chatted with my uber-hot hubby about said not young-adult friendly piece of writing and ultimately procrastinated 2.5 of my 4 hours away. That left me with 1.5 hours of actual writing time before my eyes started going bleary and I had to quit.

Time allotted to writing:
1.5 hours (should have been way more)

Remainder of Ch 3, most of ch 4.

Favorite line(s):
“Are you suggesting,” Nahir started, “that the old ways should be abolished? That a changeling should not choose over whom to rule, but we should choose for you?”