50,000 words in first person … tada!

Actually … 64,000 words so far … and counting … and climbing … to be edited, etc. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to write a YA romance for a while, but not under my more explicit pen name of Aimee Laine.

So I came up with Emi J. Gayle and decided I’d write YA romance under this name … but I’d add on the challenge to write it in 1st person … all Aimee Laine works are in 3rd person.

That first day was a struggle, I tell ya. While it looks, on the surface, like Emi J. Gayle and Aimee Laine are two different writers … the ideas and writing all comes from one head … mine (I just won’t say which ‘mine’ that is).

There I sat with laptop in hand, crossing my toes since I needed my fingers and hoping I could eek out 50k words … and keep to the single main character’s point of view and create something fun, mysterious, suspenseful and interesting.

The ‘first person’ challenge came with some stress and the first few days were iffy as I struggled to both get my ideas on ‘paper’ as well as write it a different way… but I have succeeded!! Officially, I have.

50k words in first person … reached!
64k words in first person … almost there.
80k words in first person and the story will be complete.

I am so very excited that I can go back and forth between writing first and third person… the challenge now is can I hold the reader’s interest with the story and in a few months, I’ll be looking for a few teens to read it and see if I’m managed anything. 🙂

But today, I am happy to say, me, myself and I are Nano winners and our challenge of writing in first person for a younger audience has been met!


Set your goals high and when you meet and then exceed them … life gets even better.

Keep going to those of you still writing … you have 4 more days and you can do it!