Hello, My Name is …

Hello My Name is Emi J. Gayle!
Hello My Name is Emi J. Gayle!

Hello! My Name is Emi J. Gayle!

A first post for yet another writer-author-blogger, right? Yeah, probably, the key is I’m not just any ONE writer-author-blogger, I’m two!

And there you go … huh?

But that’s okay. Let me explain.

So my alter-ego writer-author-blogger is a writer-author-blogger-photographer-workerbee-mommy-etc who writer paranormal romance for the adult romance market.

After a few starts and stops in the Young Adult realm, I decided it would be best to separate my adult work from my young-adult work and thus, Emi J. Gayle was born!

Goals for this blog

My purpose in this blog will be to update you on the goings-on for my young adult writing (one-two novels per year) and to keep up to speed with the YA market. I’m all about watching the industry and following it, but there’s a big grey line when it comes to writing romance for YA vs. adult. So I’ve split my work between two different names to better focus it.

What is YA?

YA, if you don’t already know, is Young Adult. It’s writing for those between 13-19 years old, though many who are considerably older, read it!

What is paranormal?

Also known as Urban Fantasy, it means something unreal within the real. So vampires in present day New York. I come up with characters who are not mainstream evil, rather have a tie to Greek mythology and often one part of the conflict comes in thoughts and problems of the mind.

What is romance?

Romance = Relationships for me. All my novels have a happily ever after, focus on the heterosexual relationship between two main characters.

Put it all together…

Novels under my Emi J. Gayle name will be geared toward the 13-19 market about relationships between characters in that same age group who have some crazy elements, but their lives and everything that goes on will be in the real world.

The difference?

My novels will be written in 1st person and will not … sorry … get past 3rd base (I’ll let you figure out what that means exactly). 😉

For those wanting to see what I write/how I write adult romance (which includes all the steamy stuff), check me out here … <a href=”http://www.aimeelaine.com/”>Aimee Laine</a>.

In my next post, I’ll give you some input on WHY I think I can write YA novels! I have a story most can’t wait to hear. 🙂